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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Work

Construction ProjectsFor more than 10 years we have acted as Joint and Single Experts on various land drainage and flooding related Claims. The Claims we have worked on have varied from simple property damage through to personal injury/death. We have also attended Mediations and Arbitrations. We have been instructed by the solicitors of large Corporate Clients such as Yorkshire Water, Wessex Water, RWE and Eirgrid as well as individuals. We have also worked as Single Experts for County Councils eg Flintshire County Council, Newcastle City Council and Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.

In addition we act as a Technical Expert for the Environment Agency in Agricultural Land Tribunals that relate to land drainage.

We will only take on work as an Expert Witness if we feel we are indeed the right 'expert' required for the case. We always welcome discussions with the instructing solicitors prior to accepting any appointment.

Examples of the work we have been involved in are:

  • Personal accidents caused by water and ice accumulating on roads/pavements from adjacent land.
  • Flooding of property by water flowing off agricultural land.
  • Flooding of land due to problems with existing pipes/ ditches or changes in contributing catchments.
  • Flooding of land and associated crop loss associated with the damage of existing drains through construction processes within the countryside.
  • Flooding of property/land due to lack of maintenance.