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Land Drainage SurveysAt LDC we are proud to have a highly experienced survey team capable of performing a wide range of environmental/land based surveys. Utilising the latest GPS, laser and detection technology allows us to get accurate results in the field and then take them back to the office for analysis. Our dedicated CAD team work alongside all our surveyors and consultants meaning that all work we do can be displayed professionally in any format, effectively and efficiently.

Final Drainage Plans (Stand-alone)

Popular amongst drainage contractors, this service usually requires one visit to site for one of our surveyors, who will record all the installed drainage, as well as any existing drains or other important features using state of the art GPS technology at a 10cm accuracy. We will then take this back to the office and our designated CAD team will create a final drainage plan including drain lengths, diameters, ordinance survey backdrop, services etc. This can be supplied to the client usually within 1-2 days as a paper/laminated copy or PDF format. All schemes are geo-referenced and saved to our database so that we can return to the site and find the drains with precision, should you have any issues or wish to install further drainage.

For an example of our stand alone drainage plans, please click here. For more information or to organise a survey, please contact Luke or Miles.

Farm Plans

We have seen drainage plans in all sorts of forms, torn in half, written on the back of cereal boxes, generally very unorganised and usually stuffed in a draw somewhere on the farm. To counter this, we are providing a farm plan service.

We will take all your existing drainage plans, `along with anything else you wish to add (additional GPS surveys can be added), and then our draughts-people will create a large farm map, incorporating all your drainage information on one large plan (and/or lots of smaller plans). This can be supplied to the client in paper form (A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0), as well as on fabric, framed and/or PDF format.

For more information or to organise a quote, please contact Luke.

Drainage Surveys

It is recommended that a drainage survey is taken out prior to any construction project to allow the prevention and remediation of existing drainage/watercourses. This usually consists of a site visit (for linear construction sites a full walk through of the site is often necessary). Our experts first try to gather information from the land owner/s, then will look at the existing drainage, as well as providing a thorough topographical survey. All our results are recorded using GPS at a 10cm accuracy and taken back to the office for analysis and scientific design of a drainage scheme to reduce impact. After the initial survey, to ensure precision we can send an intrusive investigation team who will dig out existing drains when necessary to gain information on the condition and flow of drains. All information is put Land Drainage Surveysonto a series of plans and drawings by our dedicated CAD team.

Soils Surveys

Topographical Surveys

LDC are capable of performing topographical surveys on land to acquire an accurate contour map of a field/pipeline/construction site which in turn helps us to design an effective drainage design. For larger jobs we use a reputable sub-contractor who we have worked with on a long list of jobs.

Aerial Photography

Peter Smith is a reputable aerial photographer who we have worked alongside on a range of jobs. With this connection we can organise aerial photos as well as fly-overs for jobs (usually linear constructions) allowing us to see exactly how the land lays, wet patches, water courses and cropping trends etc. For more information on the services Peter offers, please see his website: http://www.petersmith.com/about.html

Please note: Our survey team is well used to requests of all sorts, so if you have any other questions, survey requirements, or enquiries please call us on 01377236010 or email mail@ldcl.co.uk