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Drainage Services

Soils surveys/Assessments

LDC frequently carries out detailed soils surveys at pre construction stage on development projects. Frequently these are linear routes such as pipelines or cable routes. Hand soil augering gives minimal intrusion – walking access only required. From this soils can be assessed to a depth of 1.2 metres. Soils maps can be produced looking at the different soils types within the development. Additionally detailed recommendations on soils handling in terms of stripping storage and replacement can be prepared in report and plan format.

Agricultural land Classification

ALC maps can be prepared using soils survey techniques as outlined above

Construction advice

LDC are frequently called upon to advise on soils stripping and movements in terms of method suitability at various stages of development.

Soils analysis

Analysis is carried out using sub-contractors via Accredited Laboratories. Our Soil scientist can provide detail interpretation of the analysis.

Expert witness

Dave Royle is frequently called upon to provide expert witness support to a wide range of soil related issues ranging from construction issues to contaminated land assessments.

Waste to land

Detailed analysis and applications to the E. A for spreading of various wastes on agricultural land is carried out for number of clients throughout the UK.