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Route Selection

Route Selection

LDC have significant experience in route selection of cross country linear developments such as pipelines, powerlines and cable routes.

Land Drainage Consultancy Route Selection Aerial Photograph

There are many features which require to be taken into account when selecting route and our experience in these areas allow us to consider a wide range of issues that should be taken into account. Soils and drainage regime can make a significant difference in terms of the success of a route in terms of financial and technical requirements of construction and restoration. The type of agriculture/farming systems and impacts on farming/units should be considered at an early stage.

We can use published data and interpretation of this data to assess differnet routes as well as a more detailed assessment including 'on the ground' surveys. We frequently use a sub contractor to fly the route/routes to give us up to date details without in some cases needing direct access.

Peter Smith Aerial Photography.

Peter Smith Photography are engaged by Multinational Companies, Corporate Organizations, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, TV Companies, Highways Agencies, Construction Companies, The Environment Agency, Port and Coastal Authorities, Water Authorities, Local Police Forces as well as a number of Petrochemical Installations and Private Companies. Daily work is mainly made up of location photography and video, both from the ground and in the air, in addition to pipe line and power line photography and surveillance.

Working closely with Land Drainage Consultancy Ltd for the past 10 years, Peter has vast experience of their exacting requirements for pipe line, power line, gas and drainage scheme aerial photography and video.

Recently a Robinson R44 ENG helicopter has been added, shooting 5-axis gyro stabilised HD full broadcast video, suitable for corporate, engineering, news and TV work. This machine is ideal for working almost anywhere in the UK and offers rapid deployment when required.