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Land Management

Land Management

Construction ProjectsLDC has wide experience of carrying out land management works for a range of clients including Utilities, Mineral operators and private landowners.
Services include;

  • Restoration and aftercare of mineral extraction sites – including crop management, design and installation of underdrainage, hedge and tree planting and management, field water supplies, installation of fencing and tracks, and soils management.
  • Management of wildlife and conservation sites.
  • Woodland management – including planting, thinning and felling works.
  • Design and creation of wildlife and conservation habitats
  • Amenity land uses – including sports fields, open areas and other community uses
  • Water features – including the design and construction of lakes, wetlands and other water features

An important part of this work is liaising and negotiating with landowners, statutory bodies such as Mineral Planning Authorities, Environment Agency etc and other key stakeholders.
LDC can arrange for works on site to be tendered, let and supervised utilising reliable and cost effective contractors.