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Land Condition Records


Land Condition Records

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Land Condition Records or Records of Conditions are required for most large scale construction projects and must be completed prior to any works being carried out.

The records are detailed accounts of the state of the land and physical features such as gates, fences roads etc before construction commences.

Each record is based on completion of a number of assessments comprising of the following elements:

- Full topographical survey using GPS (key for checking reinstated land levels)
- Full soil assessment including topsoil depth, texture and chemical analysis
- Full detailed photographic assessment
- Aerial photographs
- Conditions of fences, hedges, gates, roads, fixed equipment etc
- Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) check on soil and plant-borne diseases
- Checks on notifiable diseases in animals and burial pits via APHA
- Water quality analysis
- Crop status / condition
- Record of drainage details including plans where available

This information is critical to both the owner of the land and also the project client / contractor. The records provide important evidence as to the original state of the land to both parties should claims arise following completion of all construction related works.

LDCL have undertaken numerous records of condition for various types of project, but principally along linear construction sites.

LDCL can tailor records of conditions to meet the requirements of clients.