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Leading Drainage and Soils Consultancy serving the Utilities and Agricultural Sectors

  • Drainage and Soils investigation works on pipelines, power lines, cable routes, railways, highways…
  • Drainage and soils consultancy and design service on linear developments
  • Amenity drainage on sports fields, country parks, estates etc.
  • All aspects of drainage including surface water control and flood risk assessments.
  • LDC Limited - Amenity Drainage


    A high proportion of our work is in the construction industry. We work on pipelines, power lines, cable routes, wind farms, highways, railways and many others. Surveys/investigations, drainage design, implementation if necessary using a reputable sub-contractor, supervision and advise throughout works, field by field GPS survey, final drainage plans, and maintenance work prior to installation.

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  • LDC Limited - Agricultural Drainage


    Most land in the UK is drained and for good reason. In order to maximise yields and quality of crops a drainage system needs to be in place at critial periods. There is a direct link in most situations between good drainage and soil structure. Both need to be maintained to a high standard. We recognise in the current economic climate any new drainage needs to be carefully thought about. Our approach is to fully understand the current system & soils. 

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  • LDC Limited - Surveys


    We have highly experienced surveyors equipped with the very latest technology to allow us to survey land intensively and efficiently. This can range from pre-construction drainage and soils surveys to surveys of drainage installed. Our growing database of geo-referenced drainage and services has allowed us to assist in many other roles. We also have a team of CAD draughtspeople, able to put together highly detailed plans/drawings.

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  • LDC Limited - Amenity Drainage


    LDC have extensive experience in sustainable soil resource management including soil assessment, soil resource planning, agricultural land classification, soil sampling and analysis, soils handling, storage and re-instatement, agronomy, waste recycling, contaminated land assessment and soil manufacture.

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  • LDC Limited - Land Management

    Land Management

    LDC have a wide involvement in land management including managing restoration and aftercare on mineral sites, the management of woodland, wildlife habitats and conservation areas, and designing, organising and supervising land management activities. We can also design and create wildlife and conservation features including water, wetland, wildflower grassland and woodland habitats.

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  • LDC Limited - Amenity Drainage


    Sports fields, lakes, pony paddocks, conservation areas, cemeteries… we can help with anything from existing drainage, topographical and soils surveys to lake construction, drainage installation and soils handling. We have worked on a wide range of projects throughout the UK.

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  • LDC Limited - Route Selection

    Route Selection

    There are many features which need to be taken into account when selecting routes Soils and drainage regime can make a significant difference in terms of the success of a route in terms of financial and technical requirements of construction and restoration. The type of agriculture/farming systems and impacts on farming/units should be considered at an early stage.

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  • LDC Limited - Flood Risk Assesment

    Land Condition Records

    Land Condition Records or Records of Conditions are required for most large scale construction projects and must be completed prior to any works being carried out. The records are detailed accounts of the state of the land and physical features such as gates, fences roads etc before construction commences.


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    Expert Witness

    For more than 10 years we have acted as Joint and Single Experts on various land drainage and flooding related Claims. The Claims we have worked on have varied from simple property damage through to personal injury/death. We have also attended Mediations and Arbitrations. We have been instructed by the solicitors of large Corporate Clients such as Yorkshire Water, Wessex Water, RWE and Eirgrid as well as individuals.

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Welcome to Land Drainage Consultancy Limited

(LDCL) specialises in a range of land and environmental issues but in particular drainage and restoration. This can range from field underdrainage to complex Expert Witness work. We consult on all aspects of water on land including outfall problems, surface water control, wind farm drainage, flood protection and calculation of 'green field' runoff and associated buffer storage.

u.1.achilles2016-1.jpgWe consult on all aspects of land drainage including agriculture, gardens, parks, roads, sports pitches and caravan sites. Other services include advice on outfall problems, surface water control, wind farm drainage, flood protection and the calculation of "Green Field" flows and associated buffer storage.

Land Drainage Consultancy Ltd also advise on the construction of ponds, lakes and other watercourses for amenity, conservation or fishing purposes.

We pride ourselves in being able to identify land drainage problems and provide practical end economic solutions. Most of our work is consultancy but we can also implement our designs using reputable sub-contractors.

Our main specialism is land drainage in relation to development sites, particularly pipelines, wind farms and powerlines and we have associated expertise in the handling and restoration of soils.

We have staff and associates based in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Northumberland and the Midlands. We work throughout northern England/Midlands/Scotland and more recently Ireland. We have over 100 years of land drainage experience between us and we are registered on the Achilles database.